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Minor League

Charleston Baseball Association


1. Home Team is listed 2nd on the Schedule and will occupy 1st base dugout. Official book is kept by the home team. Visiting team will provide a scoreboard keeper.

2. Game time may be restricted for players with excessive absences or disciplinary problems. These situations should be kept to a minimum.

3. Players are not allowed to throw the bat at any time. After one warning, the second time any player throws a bat it will be an automatic out.

4. The CBA will appoint a new manager in the event there is a resignation.

5. NO TRADES, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF A CONFLICT between coach and parent or coach and player. All exceptions must be approved by the Board.

6. Games will be 6-innings with the following exceptions: 8-run rule is in effect after 5 innings if the visiting team is ahead or after 4.5 innings if the home team is ahead; 10-run rule is in effect after 4 innings if the visiting team is ahead or after 3.5 innings if the home team is ahead; 15-run rule is in effect after 3 innings.

6a. Minor League only – a half inning ends with 3 outs or 6 runs

7. Equipment rules will follow Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken rules

8. Pitch count rules in effect.

9. Manager has the option of choosing assistants from parents of drafted players on his/her team or as approved by the Board.

10. Slide rule in effect at home plate, if a play is being made. Umpire’s discretion.


When a pitcher is in contact with the pitcher’s plate and in possession of the ball and the catcher is in the catcher�s box ready to receive delivery of the ball, baserunners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has reached home plate. Once the catcher has secured the ball and the runner has stopped his forward progress, the runner must immediately return to the base.

12. No slashing rule. Players may not show a bunt and then pull the bat back and hit the ball. This is a safety rule. If a player slashes it will be an automatic out with no appeal.

13. Minor league games are limited to 1 hour and 30 minute time limit, if the home team is ahead and a new inning has not started. A new inning starts immediately after the 3rd out of the previous inning.


14. All players must bat at least once and play in the field at least one inning all six inning games. Players should receive as much playing time as possible.

14a. Free substitution is allowed in the field only; Extra hitter will be utilized in the batting order; Minor will field 10 with a 4th outfielder (NO short fielder – must play 4 across), and bat a minimum of 11, if available, except that managers are encouraged to bat their entire lineup. Late arriving players will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.

14b. Teams must have at least 6 players to begin a game. A 10 minute waiting period will be granted for players to arrive, otherwise a team not having the minimum number of players shall forfeit. Late arriving players will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.


15. Tennis shoes and rubber-cleated shoes ONLY are allowed. No metal spikes, open toed, or street shoes.

16. All teams must wear the same type of uniform shirts and baseball pants.


17. The CBA will determine if a game is to be postponed. Managers and players should call the rainout hotline at 348-8555.

18. Makeup games will be played on the next available date as soon as possible after the missed game. Portable mounds can be used to make both Morton Park and Baker Softball available for makeup games.


19. Profanities by coaches, parents, or players will NOT be tolerated.

20. Abusive behavior such as intentionally striking a player with a ball, helmet, or bat will not be tolerated.

21. Players, coaches and fans are prohibited from verbally or physically interfering with play on the field. For example, players should not yell “I’ve got it” when a fielder is attempting to catch a ball. Fans should not yell “swing” at the batter.

22. If a player, parent, or coach is ejected from a game they must sit out the next contest played in accordance with IHSA regulations as adopted by the CBA. Ejected players are allowed to sit on the bench. Ejected coaches or parents must leave the premises until the game is over.

Remember: Let the kids enjoy the game. They are not in the professional leagues so everybody should behave accordingly.

Pitching Rules 

Pitching Chart for Minors

4/26/2021Mon5:30 PMMN2 – MTB PaintingMN5 – Smallhorn LawPanther Field
4/26/2021Mon7:30 PMMN4 – Invisible FenceMN3 – VFW Post 1592Panther Field
4/27/2021Tues5:30 PMMN1 – Brickhouse GrillMN6 – R&W TruckingPanther Field
4/28/2021Weds5:30 PMMN5 – Smallhorn LawMN4 – Invisible FencePanther Field
4/29/2021Thurs5:30 PMMN3 – VFW Post 1592MN1 – Brickhouse GrillPanther Field
4/29/2021Thurs7:30 PMMN6 – R&W TruckingMN2 – MTB PaintingPanther Field
5/3/2021Mon5:30 PMMN4 – Invisible FenceMN2 – MTB PaintingTrojan Field
5/3/2021Mon7:30 PMMN1 – Brickhouse GrillMN5 – Smallhorn LawTrojan Field
5/4/2021Tues5:30 PMMN3 – VFW Post 1592MN6 – R&W TruckingTrojan Field
5/5/2021Weds5:30 PMMN2 – MTB PaintingMN1 – Brickhouse GrillTrojan Field
5/6/2021Thurs5:30 PMMN6 – R&W TruckingMN4 – Invisible FenceTrojan Field
5/6/2021Thurs7:30 PMMN5 – Smallhorn LawMN3 – VFW Post 1592Trojan Field
5/10/2021Mon5:30 PMMN6 – R&W TruckingMN5 – Smallhorn LawPanther Field
5/10/2021Mon7:30 PMMN3 – VFW Post 1592MN2 – MTB PaintingPanther Field
5/11/2021Tues5:30 PMMN1 – Brickhouse GrillMN4 – Invisible FencePanther Field
5/12/2021Weds5:30 PMMN5 – Smallhorn LawMN2 – MTB PaintingPanther Field
5/13/2021Thurs5:30 PMMN3 – VFW Post 1592MN4 – Invisible FencePanther Field
5/13/2021Thurs7:30 PMMN6 – R&W TruckingMN1 – Brickhouse GrillPanther Field
5/17/2021Mon5:30 PMMN1 – Brickhouse GrillMN3 – VFW Post 1592Trojan Field
5/17/2021Mon7:30 PMMN4 – Invisible FenceMN5 – Smallhorn LawTrojan Field
5/18/2021Tues5:30 PMMN2 – MTB PaintingMN6 – R&W TruckingTrojan Field
5/19/2021Weds5:30 PMMN5 – Smallhorn LawMN1 – Brickhouse GrillTrojan Field
5/20/2021Thurs5:30 PMMN2 – MTB PaintingMN4 – Invisible FenceTrojan Field
5/20/2021Thurs7:30 PMMN6 – R&W TruckingMN3 – VFW Post 1592Trojan Field
5/24/2021Mon5:30 PMMN2 – MTB PaintingMN3 – VFW Post 1592Trojan Field
5/24/2021Mon7:30 PMMN4 – Invisible FenceMN1 – Brickhouse GrillTrojan Field
5/25/2021Tues5:30 PMMN5 – Smallhorn LawMN6 – R&W TruckingTrojan Field
5/26/2021Weds7:30 PMMN4 – Invisible FenceMN3 – VFW Post 1592Trojan Field
5/27/2021Thurs5:30 PMMN2 – MTB PaintingMN5 – Smallhorn LawTrojan Field
5/27/2021Thurs7:30 PMMN1 – Brickhouse GrillMN6 – R&W TruckingTrojan Field
6/2/2021Weds5:30 PMMN3 – VFW Post 1592MN5 – Smallhorn LawPanther Field
6/2/2021Weds7:30 PMMN1 – Brickhouse GrillMN2 – MTB PaintingPanther Field
6/3/2021Thurs5:30 PMMN4 – Invisible FenceMN6 – R&W TruckingPanther Field
6/7/2021Mon5:30 PMMN6 – R&W TruckingMN2 – MTB PaintingPanther Field
6/7/2021Mon7:30 PMMN5 – Smallhorn LawMN4 – Invisible FencePanther Field
6/8/2021Tues5:30 PMMN3 – VFW Post 1592MN1 – Brickhouse GrillPanther Field
6/9/2021Weds7:30 PMMN4 – Invisible FenceMN2 – MTB PaintingPanther Field
6/10/2021Thurs5:30 PMMN1 – Brickhouse GrillMN5 – Smallhorn LawPanther Field
6/10/2021Thurs7:30 PMMN3 – VFW Post 1592MN6 – R&W TruckingPanther Field
6/14/2021Mon5:30 PMMN5 – Smallhorn LawMN3 – VFW Post 1592Trojan Field
6/14/2021Mon7:30 PMMN2 – MTB PaintingMN1 – Brickhouse GrillTrojan Field
6/15/2021Tues5:30 PMMN6 – R&W TruckingMN4 – Invisible FenceTrojan Field
6/16/2021Weds5:30 PMMN3 – VFW Post 1592MN2 – MTB PaintingTrojan Field
6/17/2021Thurs5:30 PMMN1 – Brickhouse GrillMN4 – Invisible FenceTrojan Field
6/17/2021Thurs7:30 PMMN6 – R&W TruckingMN5 – Smallhorn LawTrojan Field

Standings for 2021 MINOR as of 5/16/2021

Team Name Win Loss GB
MN6 – R&W Trucking 4 1
MN2 – MTB Painting 4 2 .5
MN3 – VFW Post 1592 3 2 1.0
MN1 – Brickhouse Grill 2 3 2.0
MN5 – Smallhorn Law 1 3 2.5
MN4 – Invisible Fence 1 4 3.0

Game Results for 2021 MINOR as of 5/16/2021

(Winners in bold)

Date Visitor Home Winner Score
04/26/2021 MN2 – MTB Painting MN5 – Smallhorn Law V 5 – 3
04/26/2021 MN4 – Invisible Fence MN3 – VFW Post 1592 V 8 – 2
04/27/2021 MN1 – Brickhouse Grill MN6 – R&W Trucking H 3 – 4
04/28/2021 MN5 – Smallhorn Law MN4 – Invisible Fence TBD TBD
04/29/2021 MN3 – VFW Post 1592 MN1 – Brickhouse Grill V 7 – 6
04/29/2021 MN6 – R&W Trucking MN2 – MTB Painting H 10 – 11
05/03/2021 MN4 – Invisible Fence MN2 – MTB Painting H 6 – 13
05/03/2021 MN1 – Brickhouse Grill MN5 – Smallhorn Law TBD TBD
05/04/2021 MN3 – VFW Post 1592 MN6 – R&W Trucking TBD TBD
05/05/2021 MN2 – MTB Painting MN1 – Brickhouse Grill H 1 – 8
05/06/2021 MN6 – R&W Trucking MN4 – Invisible Fence V 12 – 5
05/06/2021 MN5 – Smallhorn Law MN3 – VFW Post 1592 H 3 – 4
05/10/2021 MN6 – R&W Trucking MN5 – Smallhorn Law V 5 – 1
05/10/2021 MN3 – VFW Post 1592 MN2 – MTB Painting H 2 – 9
05/11/2021 MN1 – Brickhouse Grill MN4 – Invisible Fence V 13 – 10
05/12/2021 MN5 – Smallhorn Law MN2 – MTB Painting V 11 – 5
05/13/2021 MN3 – VFW Post 1592 MN4 – Invisible Fence V 13 – 6
05/13/2021 MN6 – R&W Trucking MN1 – Brickhouse Grill V 11 – 4

2021 Minor Picture Schedule

The photographer will schedule with each individual team.

MN1 – Brickhouse Grill
Coach: Brian Stolz
1 Cougill, Audie
2 Evans, Nicholas
3 Gadberry, Samuel E
4 Hogan, Ryan
5 McMullen-Wise, Royce
6 Nay, Jenson
7 Shaffer, Landon
8 Smyser, Ransym
9 Stine, Kayden
10 Stolz, Logan
11 Wall, Malachi
MN2 – MTB Painting
Coach: Kevin Lewis
1 Anderson, Aiden
2 Barker, Cooper
3 Carson, Silas
4 Hendrickson, Tripp
5 Lauwers, Mason
6 Lewis, Trase
7 Nailing, Deshaun
8 Reed, Bryson
9 Schrock, Kasen
10 Sharp, Alexander
11 Snider, R J
MN3 – VFW Post 1592
Coach: Drew Pounds
1 Bower, Byntlee
2 Combs, Brandtley
3 Hanner, Kase
4 Howlett, Kingden
5 Laingen, Kenneth
6 Lee, Kruz
7 Pounds, Tucker
8 Rios III, Rene
9 Sigler, Jack
10 Starwalt, Linkoln
11 Walton, Jackson
MN4 – Invisible Fence
Coach: Mike Hardy
1 Baker, Jeffrey
2 Butler, Braylen
3 Hanger, Jackson
4 Hanner, Evan
5 Hardy, Caleb
6 Irons, Dane
7 Lowell, Logan
8 Perkins, Cash
9 Smith, Wylin
10 Switzer, Blaize
11 Whipkey, Hayden
MN5 – Smallhorn Law
Coach: KC Denson
1 Brown, Jacob
2 Denson, Braxton
3 Drum, Markus
4 Harrison, Tylier
5 Hayes, Lucas
6 King, Logan
7 Krabel, Jayce
8 Smallhorn, Evan
9 Truex, Easton
10 White, Ollie
11 Yoder, Zachary
MN6 – R&W Trucking
Coach: Brandon Wright
1 Bowers, Joseph
2 Escalante, Christian
3 Morgan, Judson
4 Philpott, Chase
5 Plummer, Shia
6 Ranson, Josiah
7 Sigler, Landon
8 Wright, Blaine
9 Young, Jeremiah
10 Young, Nehemiah


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