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Rookie League

Charleston Baseball Association


  1. Home team will occupy the first base dugout. The home team is listed 2nd on the schedule. No official score will be recorded. The visitors will be in charge of securing the pitching machine (if one is used) in the lock box at the end of the night. If lights were needed, you must also turn them off and return key to the lock box.
  2. Up to eleven players are allowed in the field- five infielders (extra infielder positioned behind 2nd base), four outfielders, one pitcher and one catcher. The four outfielders should be placed evenly in the grass – no short fielders.
  3. Each team will bat until there are 3 outs or the entire lineup has batted, whichever comes first.
  4. A batter shall get 5 pitches or 3 swinging strikes. If he has not hit the ball in play or struck out after the 5th pitch, he is then out. If the final pitch is hit foul, the batter is still alive. An “at bat” will not end on a foul ball. Encourage your players to swing early in the count. There are no walks. The batting rotation shall consist of all players on your team.
  5. If a batted ball hits the pitching machine (if one is used), it is a dead ball and the batter will be awarded 1st base and the runners will be allowed to advance 1 base.
  6. Before the start of the game, coaches from both teams must agree upon the setup of the pitching machine (if one is used). The machine will be set at approximately 36 feet. A chalk line will mark the location on the field. The machine should be set for approximately 26 mph. All three settings on the machine will be on “3” (power level, release block and micro adjust) Trial pitches will be performed until all parties agree on the calibration. Once the machine is set and calibrated and the game begins, no further adjustment of the machine is allowed by either team or coaches.
  7. Both teams must use the same type of ball provided by the league. Wilson RIF 5
  8. Bunting is NOT allowed.
  9. A play will be considered “DEAD” once all runners have stopped progress and the ball is returned to the coach at the machine.
  10. Fielders should be encouraged to attempt to get advancing runners out.
  11. There will be no white lines or commitment lines between bases.
  12. Runners who are aggressively seeking to reach the next base will be allowed to continue to that base if no play is made, regardless of where they are when the ball is returned to the coach.
  13. One base on an overthrow rule: When a fielded ball is overthrown at any base, the runner(s) may attempt to reach the next base at his own risk. If the runner is put out the out stands. This Rule applies to runners on ANY base (example…runner on 2nd may attempt to score on an overthrow at 1st in an attempt to get batter/runner out, batter/runner may attempt to reach 2nd)
  14. Base runners shall not leave the base until the ball has been pitched and has reached the batter.
  15. NO stealing of any base is permitted.
  1. Offensive Interference is prohibited.  Offensive interference is any action by an offensive player that impedes or interferes with a defensive player making a play.  This does not require contact and can include verbal interference.
  2. Defensive Interference is prohibited.  Defensive interference is any action by a defensive player without possession of the ball, and not fielding the ball, that impedes an advancing offensive player.
  1. Time Limit – no new inning may start after 1 hour and 15 minutes. Each coach is expected to keep the game moving and clear the field for the following game.


  1. The CBA will determine if a game is to be postponed. Managers and players should call the rainout hotline at 348-8555.
  1. Games interrupted by darkness, rain, or other conditions before completion may be rescheduled by the coaches via mutual agreement. Contact the Rec Department for field availability.


  1. Profanities by coaches, parents, or players will NOT be tolerated.
  2. Abusive behavior such as intentionally striking a player with a ball, helmet, or bat will not be tolerated.
  3. Players, coaches and fans are prohibited from verbally or physically interfering with play on the field. For example, players should not yell, “I’ve got it” when a fielder is attempting to catch a ball. Fans should not yell, “swing” at the batter.


Remember:  Let the kids enjoy the game. They are not in the major leagues so everybody should behave accordingly.

5/21/2024 ScrimmageTues5:30 PMRK1 - KIMA CleaningRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterBaker Softball
5/21/2024 ScrimmageTues5:30 PMRK2 - Adams MemorialsRK7 - Diepholz AutoMorton Park
5/21/2024 ScrimmageTues7:00 PMRK6 - All American RealtyRK3 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
5/21/2024 ScrimmageTues7:00 PMRK4 - Drake HomesRK5 - ElksMorton Park
5/23/2024 ScrimmageThurs5:30 PMRK1 - KIMA CleaningRK2 - Adams MemorialsBaker Softball
5/23/2024 ScrimmageThurs5:30 PMRK5 - ElksRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterMorton Park
5/23/2024 ScrimmageThurs7:00 PMRK3 - Lifetime EyecareRK7 - Diepholz AutoBaker Softball
5/23/2024 ScrimmageThurs7:00 PMRK6 - All American RealtyRK4 - Drake HomesMorton Park
5/28/2024Tues5:30 PMRK6 - All American RealtyRK7 - Diepholz AutoBaker Softball
5/28/2024Tues5:30 PMRK1 - KIMA CleaningRK5 - ElksMorton Park
5/28/2024Tues7:00 PMRK3 - Lifetime EyecareRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterBaker Softball
5/28/2024Tues7:00 PMRK4 - Drake HomesRK2 - Adams MemorialsMorton Park
5/30/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK7 - Diepholz AutoRK1 - KIMA CleaningBaker Softball
5/30/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterRK4 - Drake HomesMorton Park
5/30/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK5 - ElksRK3 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
5/30/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK2 - Adams MemorialsRK6 - All American RealtyMorton Park
6/4/2024Tues5:30 PMRK7 - Diepholz AutoRK4 - Drake HomesBaker Softball
6/4/2024Tues5:30 PMRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterRK2 - Adams MemorialsMorton Park
6/4/2024Tues7:00 PMRK3 - Lifetime EyecareRK1 - KIMA CleaningBaker Softball
6/4/2024Tues7:00 PMRK5 - ElksRK6 - All American RealtyMorton Park
6/6/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK4 - Drake HomesRK1 - KIMA CleaningBaker Softball
6/6/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK7 - Diepholz AutoRK5 - ElksMorton Park
6/6/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK2 - Adams MemorialsRK3 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/6/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterRK6 - All American RealtyMorton Park
6/11/2024Tues5:30 PMRK5 - ElksRK2 - Adams MemorialsBaker Softball
6/11/2024Tues5:30 PMRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterRK7 - Diepholz AutoMorton Park
6/11/2024Tues7:00 PMRK3 - Lifetime EyecareRK4 - Drake HomesBaker Softball
6/11/2024Tues7:00 PMRK1 - KIMA CleaningRK6 - All American RealtyMorton Park
6/13/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterRK1 - KIMA CleaningBaker Softball
6/13/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK5 - ElksRK4 - Drake HomesMorton Park
6/13/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK3 - Lifetime EyecareRK6 - All American RealtyBaker Softball
6/13/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK7 - Diepholz AutoRK2 - Adams MemorialsMorton Park
6/18/2024Tues5:30 PMRK6 - All American RealtyRK5 - ElksBaker Softball
6/18/2024Tues5:30 PMRK2 - Adams MemorialsRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterMorton Park
6/18/2024Tues7:00 PMRK4 - Drake HomesRK7 - Diepholz AutoBaker Softball
6/18/2024Tues7:00 PMRK1 - KIMA CleaningRK3 - Lifetime EyecareMorton Park
6/20/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK2 - Adams MemorialsRK4 - Drake HomesBaker Softball
6/20/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK5 - ElksRK1 - KIMA CleaningMorton Park
6/20/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterRK3 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/20/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK7 - Diepholz AutoRK6 - All American RealtyMorton Park
6/25/2024Tues5:30 PMRK2 - Adams MemorialsRK1 - KIMA CleaningBaker Softball
6/25/2024Tues5:30 PMRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterRK5 - ElksMorton Park
6/25/2024Tues7:00 PMRK7 - Diepholz AutoRK3 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/25/2024Tues7:00 PMRK4 - Drake HomesRK6 - All American RealtyMorton Park
6/27/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK1 - KIMA CleaningRK4 - Drake HomesBaker Softball
6/27/2024Thurs5:30 PMRK5 - ElksRK7 - Diepholz AutoMorton Park
6/27/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK3 - Lifetime EyecareRK2 - Adams MemorialsBaker Softball
6/27/2024Thurs7:00 PMRK6 - All American RealtyRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterMorton Park
7/2/2024Tues5:30 PMRK1 - KIMA CleaningRK7 - Diepholz AutoPanther Field
7/2/2024Tues5:30 PMRK4 - Drake HomesRK8 - Pilson Auto CenterTrojan Field
7/2/2024Tues7:00 PMRK3 - Lifetime EyecareRK5 - ElksPanther Field
7/2/2024Tues7:00 PMRK6 - All American RealtyRK2 - Adams MemorialsTrojan Field
7/9/2024Tues5:30 PMMAKE UP VISITORMAKE UP HOMEPanther Field
7/9/2024Tues5:30 PMMAKE UP VISITORMAKE UP HOMETrojan Field
7/9/2024Tues7:00 PMMAKE UP VISITORMAKE UP HOMEPanther Field
7/9/2024Tues7:00 PMMAKE UP VISITORMAKE UP HOMETrojan Field
7/11/2024Thurs5:30 PMMAKE UP VISITORMAKE UP HOMEPanther Field
7/11/2024Thurs5:30 PMMAKE UP VISITORMAKE UP HOMETrojan Field
7/11/2024Thurs7:00 PMMAKE UP VISITORMAKE UP HOMEPanther Field
7/11/2024Thurs7:00 PMMAKE UP VISITORMAKE UP HOMETrojan Field
RK1 - KIMA Cleaning
Coach – John Dahlke
Dahlke, Eamonn
Easterday, Beau
Flick, Dravin
Swensen, Parx
Bloxom, Levi
Browning, Jensen
Matlock, Ezra
Rieck, Leo
Maxwell, Kendrick
Walk, Patrick
RK2 - Adams Memorials
Coach – Edward Gordon
Montgomery, Owen
Lang, Daniel
Lang, Grant
Gordon, Oliver
Ferry, Elliot
Clifton, Tobin
Augustus, Brantley
Stewart, Calvin
Stewart, Henry
Buening, Dominic
RK3 - Lifetime Eyecare
Coach – Derek Hennig
Henderson, Henry
Hennig, Noah
Downey-Brown, Maddon
Bays, Parker
Brown, Joshua
Lutz, Gabriel
Parrish, Ezra
Etchison, Sorin
Newhart, Huley
Oslawski, Adam
RK4 - Drake Homes
Coach – Trey Meeker
Meeker, Tyson
Hutti, Jackson
Morgan, Wyatt
Christer, Liam
Martin, Jase
Starwalt, Dylan
Starwalt, Ryan
Foster, Raylan
Shores, Emerson
Baji, Joshua
RK5 - Elks Lodge
Coach – Bill Standerfer
Harvey, Jackson
Ploskonka, Henry
Volk, Silas
Standerfer, Weston
Yoder, Theodore
Bell, Madden
Daugherty, Jackson
Harrison, Stanley
Remlinger, Castle
Mills, Elijah
RK6 - All American Realty
Coach – Devin Deremiah
Banton, Euriah
Deremiah, Denver
Tierney, Clayton
Anderson, Owen
Bishop, Derrick
Deadmond, Bowen
Hayes, Jaxston
Sowers, Kayleb
Hutchinson, Lane
Zuniga, Chilton
RK7 - Diepholz Auto
Coach – Jacob Sappington
Sappington, Camden
Pearcy, Crew
Blackwood, Korbin
Diepholz, Weston
Oslawski, Adam
Carter, Easton
Diener, Everett
Hurt, Reed
Szigethy, Noah
Przygoda, Azariah
Graves, Jaxxon
Graves, Maxxon
RK8 - Pilson Auto Center
Coach – John Nay
Nay, Calvin
Crist, Colt
McElwee, Ethan
Butler, Cooper
Cox, Christian
Reno, Greyson
Emberton, Clark
Maher, Landon
Traub, Myer
Kim, Presley

Rookie Photos

The photographer will schedule photos with each individual team.


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