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T-Ball Rules: Ages 4-5

Charleston Baseball Association


  1. Remember the object of the game is to have fun and learn about baseball! Please show good sportsmanship at all times.
  1. Home team is listed second on the schedule, and will occupy the 1st base dugout.
  2. The game of T-ball has been developed to allow the beginning player to better practice and learn baseball fundamentals. Coaches should strive to make their players better by teaching them proper hitting techniques, and the strategy of running the bases and playing the game of baseball
  3. Safety, sportsmanship and fun are the name of this game!!
  4. Each team will bat their entire line-up every inning.
  5. No stealing is permitted.
  6. Coaches should switch defensive players around for exposure to all positions.
  7. NO official score book will be kept.
  8. Runners cannot leave base until ball is hit. If a runner is put out, they will remain on the base.
  9. Games have a 1-hour time limit. This league does not have umpires.
  10. There will be no post season tournament for t-ball league.


  1. There will be no behavior which threatens any player, coach, or umpire by unsportsmanlike conduct. (for example: intentionally trying to strike an individual, throwing a bat or helmet, or verbally threatening another player, coach, or umpire)
  1. There will be no use of profane language.
  2. Coaches are responsible for their players’ and fan’s behavior.
  1. Any of these can result in suspension or expulsion from league play.
  2. Although we have no mandatory slide rule at home plate in this league, coaches should talk to the players about avoiding contact with each other while running the bases and at home plate.


  1. Each participant will receive a medallion at the end of the season.

Rainout Hotline 348-8555 (after 3:30 pm)

5/23/2023Tues5:30 PMTB4 - C.C.S.R.TB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustBaker Softball
5/23/2023Tues5:30 PMTB1 - Elks Lodge #623TB8 - McKay Auto PartsMorton Park
5/23/2023Tues6:45 PMTB2 - All-American RealtyTB7 - Dominos PizzaBaker Softball
5/23/2023Tues6:45 PMTB6 - PopPops WorkshopTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillMorton Park
5/25/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB7 - Dominos PizzaTB4 - C.C.S.R.Baker Softball
5/25/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB8 - McKay Auto PartsTB2 - All-American RealtyMorton Park
5/25/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustTB6 - PopPops WorkshopBaker Softball
5/25/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillTB1 - Elks Lodge #623Morton Park
5/30/2023Tues5:30 PMTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillTB8 - McKay Auto PartsBaker Softball
5/30/2023Tues5:30 PMTB6 - PopPops WorkshopTB7 - Dominos PizzaMorton Park
5/30/2023Tues6:45 PMTB1 - Elks Lodge #623TB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustBaker Softball
5/30/2023Tues6:45 PMTB4 - C.C.S.R.TB2 - All-American RealtyMorton Park
6/1/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB7 - Dominos PizzaTB1 - Elks Lodge #623Baker Softball
6/1/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillMorton Park
6/1/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB2 - All-American RealtyTB6 - PopPops WorkshopBaker Softball
6/1/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB8 - McKay Auto PartsTB4 - C.C.S.R.Morton Park
6/6/2023Tues5:30 PMTB6 - PopPops WorkshopTB4 - C.C.S.R.Baker Softball
6/6/2023Tues5:30 PMTB8 - McKay Auto PartsTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustMorton Park
6/6/2023Tues6:45 PMTB1 - Elks Lodge #623TB2 - All-American RealtyBaker Softball
6/6/2023Tues6:45 PMTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillTB7 - Dominos PizzaMorton Park
6/8/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB2 - All-American RealtyTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillBaker Softball
6/8/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustTB7 - Dominos PizzaMorton Park
6/8/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB6 - PopPops WorkshopTB8 - McKay Auto PartsBaker Softball
6/8/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB4 - C.C.S.R.TB1 - Elks Lodge #623Morton Park
6/13/2023Tues5:30 PMTB1 - Elks Lodge #623TB6 - PopPops WorkshopBaker Softball
6/13/2023Tues5:30 PMTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustTB2 - All-American RealtyMorton Park
6/13/2023Tues6:45 PMTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillTB4 - C.C.S.R.Baker Softball
6/13/2023Tues6:45 PMTB7 - Dominos PizzaTB8 - McKay Auto PartsMorton Park
6/15/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustTB4 - C.C.S.R.Baker Softball
6/15/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillTB6 - PopPops WorkshopMorton Park
6/15/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB8 - McKay Auto PartsTB1 - Elks Lodge #623Baker Softball
6/15/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB7 - Dominos PizzaTB2 - All-American RealtyMorton Park
6/20/2023Tues5:30 PMTB4 - C.C.S.R.TB7 - Dominos PizzaBaker Softball
6/20/2023Tues5:30 PMTB6 - PopPops WorkshopTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustMorton Park
6/20/2023Tues6:45 PMTB2 - All-American RealtyTB8 - McKay Auto PartsBaker Softball
6/20/2023Tues6:45 PMTB1 - Elks Lodge #623TB3 - DQ Grill and ChillMorton Park
6/22/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB8 - McKay Auto PartsTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillBaker Softball
6/22/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB2 - All-American RealtyTB4 - C.C.S.R.Morton Park
6/22/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB7 - Dominos PizzaTB6 - PopPops WorkshopBaker Softball
6/22/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustTB1 - Elks Lodge #623Morton Park
6/27/2023Tues5:30 PMTB6 - PopPops WorkshopTB2 - All-American RealtyPanther Field
6/27/2023Tues5:30 PMTB1 - Elks Lodge #623TB7 - Dominos PizzaTrojan Field
6/27/2023Tues6:45 PMTB4 - C.C.S.R.TB8 - McKay Auto PartsPanther Field
6/27/2023Tues6:45 PMTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustTrojan Field
6/29/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB7 - Dominos PizzaTB3 - DQ Grill and ChillPanther Field
6/29/2023Thurs5:30 PMTB2 - All-American RealtyTB1 - Elks Lodge #623Trojan Field
6/29/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB8 - McKay Auto PartsTB5 - First Mid Bank & TrustPanther Field
6/29/2023Thurs6:45 PMTB4 - C.C.S.R.TB6 - PopPops WorkshopTrojan Field

T-ball Photo Schedule

The photographer will schedule photos with each team.

TB1 - Elks Lodge #623
Coach – Bill Standerfer
Bell, Madden
Davis, Asa
Devore, Waylon
Downey-Brown, Maddon
Hudson, Ezra
Ploskonka, Henry
Seaman, Colton
Standerfer, Weston
VanTassel, Samuel
TB2 - All-American Realty
Coach – Ian Brown
Brown, Kanaan
Clifton, Tobin
Cowan, Tucker
Cunningham, Leburn
Deremiah, Cordell
Easterday, Beau
Emberton, Clark
Hutchinson, Lane
Sowers, Kayleb
TB3 - DQ Grill and Chill
Coach – Justin Tierney
Anderson, Owen
Childress, Parker
Lemons, Dexter
Malone, Zane
Mann, Landon
Pearcy, Crew
Stewart, Calvin
Stewart, Henry
Tierney, Clayton
Wilson, Maddox
TB4 - C.C.S.R.
Coach – KC Denson
Dearing-Savoie, Tyson
Denson, Bennett
Hutti, Jack
Kepley, Krew
Starwalt, Dylan
Starwalt, Ryan
Walk, Patrick
Wambach, Zypher
Ward, Easton
TB5 - First Mid Bank & Trust
Coach – Morgan Dickey
Bignell, Brecken
Blackwood, Korbin
Cassiday, Jordan
Dunn, Jayce
Evans, Arlo
Heddins, Carson
Kennedy, Luxton
Walker, Alex
Yoder, Theo
TB6 - PopPop's Workshop
Coach – Trey Meeker
Bloxom, Levi
Crutcher, Jahbari
Diepholz, Weston
Henderson, Henry
Meeker, Tyson
Morgan, Jack
Oslawski, Adam
Roberts, Asher
Shores, Emerson
TB7 - Domino's Pizza
Coach – Sam Duvall
Cox, Christian
Duvall, Aiden
Duvall, Anthony
Hale, Vaun
Harvey, Jack
Shick, Logan
Spencer, Roan
Volk, Silas
Walls, Kayden
TB8 - McKay Auto Parts
Coach – William Howell
Butler, Cooper
Dixon, Dion
Good, Andrew
Graves, Jaxx
Graves, Maxx
Haywood, Trey
Howell, Cooper
Martin, Jase
Sappington, Declan


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