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T-Ball Rules: Ages 4-5

The Game

  • Remember the object of the game is to have fun and learn about baseball! Please show good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Home team is listed second on the schedule, and will occupy the 1st base dugout.
  • The game of T-ball has been developed to allow the beginning player to better practice and learn baseball fundamentals. Coaches should strive to make their players better by teaching them proper hitting techniques, and the strategy of running the bases and playing the game of baseball
  • Safety, sportsmanship and fun are the name of this game !!
  • Each team will bat their entire line-up every inning.
  • No stealing is permitted.
  • Coaches should switch defensive players around for exposure to all positions.
  • NO official score book will be kept.
  • Runners cannot leave base until ball is hit. If a runner is put out, they will remain on the base.
  • Games have a 1 hour time limit. This league does not have umpires.
  • There will be no post season tournament for t-ball league.


  • There will be no use of profane language and no behavior which threatens any player or coach. Coaches are responsible for their players’ and fan’s behavior.
  • Any of these can result in suspension or expulsion from league play.
  • Although we have no mandatory slide rule at home plate in this league, coaches should talk to the players about avoiding contact with each other while running the bases and at home plate.


  • Each participant will receive a medallion at the end of the season.

Rainout Hotline 348-8555 (after 3:30 pm)

5/24/2022Tues5:30 PMTB4 - Moose LodgeTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterBaker Softball
5/24/2022Tues5:30 PMTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILMorton Park
5/24/2022Tues6:45 PMTB2 - Brickhouse GrillTB7 - Days InnBaker Softball
5/24/2022Tues6:45 PMTB6 - Lifetime EyecareTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeMorton Park
5/26/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterTB6 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
5/26/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeTB1 - Wildcatters GrillMorton Park
5/26/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILTB2 - Brickhouse GrillBaker Softball
5/26/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB7 - Days InnTB4 - Moose LodgeMorton Park
5/31/2022Tues5:30 PMTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILBaker Softball
5/31/2022Tues5:30 PMTB4 - Moose LodgeTB2 - Brickhouse GrillMorton Park
5/31/2022Tues6:45 PMTB6 - Lifetime EyecareTB7 - Days InnBaker Softball
5/31/2022Tues6:45 PMTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterMorton Park
6/2/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB7 - Days InnTB1 - Wildcatters GrillBaker Softball
6/2/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeMorton Park
6/2/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB2 - Brickhouse GrillTB6 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/2/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILTB4 - Moose LodgeMorton Park
6/7/2022Tues5:30 PMTB6 - Lifetime EyecareTB4 - Moose LodgeBaker Softball
6/7/2022Tues5:30 PMTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILMorton Park
6/7/2022Tues6:45 PMTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTB2 - Brickhouse GrillBaker Softball
6/7/2022Tues6:45 PMTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeTB7 - Days InnMorton Park
6/9/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB2 - Brickhouse GrillTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeBaker Softball
6/9/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB7 - Days InnTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterMorton Park
6/9/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILTB6 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/9/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB4 - Moose LodgeTB1 - Wildcatters GrillMorton Park
6/14/2022Tues5:30 PMTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTB6 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/14/2022Tues5:30 PMTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterTB2 - Brickhouse GrillMorton Park
6/14/2022Tues6:45 PMTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeTB4 - Moose LodgeBaker Softball
6/14/2022Tues6:45 PMTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILTB7 - Days InnMorton Park
6/16/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeTB6 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/16/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILTB1 - Wildcatters GrillMorton Park
6/16/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB7 - Days InnTB2 - Brickhouse GrillBaker Softball
6/16/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterTB4 - Moose LodgeMorton Park
6/21/2022Tues5:30 PMTB4 - Moose LodgeTB7 - Days InnBaker Softball
6/21/2022Tues5:30 PMTB6 - Lifetime EyecareTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterMorton Park
6/21/2022Tues6:45 PMTB2 - Brickhouse GrillTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILBaker Softball
6/21/2022Tues6:45 PMTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeMorton Park
6/23/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeBaker Softball
6/23/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB2 - Brickhouse GrillTB4 - Moose LodgeMorton Park
6/23/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB7 - Days InnTB6 - Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/23/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterTB1 - Wildcatters GrillMorton Park
6/28/2022Tues5:30 PMTB6 - Lifetime EyecareTB2 - Brickhouse GrillPanther Field
6/28/2022Tues5:30 PMTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTB7 - Days InnTrojan Field
6/28/2022Tues6:45 PMTB4 - Moose LodgeTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILPanther Field
6/28/2022Tues6:45 PMTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterTrojan Field
6/30/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB7 - Days InnTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeePanther Field
6/30/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB2 - Brickhouse GrillTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTrojan Field
6/30/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterPanther Field
6/30/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB4 - Moose LodgeTB6 - Lifetime EyecareTrojan Field
7/5/2022Tues5:30 PMTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTB4 - Moose LodgePanther Field
7/5/2022Tues5:30 PMTB6 - Lifetime EyecareTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILTrojan Field
7/5/2022Tues6:45 PMTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterTB7 - Days InnPanther Field
7/5/2022Tues6:45 PMTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeTB2 - Brickhouse GrillTrojan Field
7/7/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB7 - Days InnTB8 - 1st Federal of Central ILPanther Field
7/7/2022Thurs5:30 PMTB4 - Moose LodgeTB3 - Jackson Avenue CoffeeTrojan Field
7/7/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB2 - Brickhouse GrillTB5 - Pilson Auto CenterPanther Field
7/7/2022Thurs6:45 PMTB6 - Lifetime EyecareTB1 - Wildcatters GrillTrojan Field

T-ball Photo Schedule

The photographer will schedule photos with each team.

TB1 - Wildcatters Grill
Coach : Gabe Grant
Blackwood, Korbin
Burch, Reid
Davis, Paxton
DeLude, Asher
Devore, Waylon
Grant, Mark
Hutchinson, Lane
Jennings, Sutton
Jennings, Ty
Lock, Jaxton
Moran, Douglas
Pearcy, Crew
TB2 - Brickhouse Grill
Coach – Jeff Marlo
Bloxom, Levi
Clifton, Tobin
Elting, Rhett
Finney, Jett
French, Owen
Hall, Xavier
Marlo, Rogger
McElwee, Ethan
Meeker, Tyson
Philpott, Bradley
Philpott, Logan
Sasaki, Kaiwi
Szigethy, Noah
TB3 - Jackson Avenue Coffee
Coach – John Dahlke
Bennett, Raidyn
Dahlke, Eamonn
Downey-Brown, Maddon
Edwards, Cole
Harvey, Jack
Jenkins, Benzley
Remlinger, Castle
Selby, Chase
Sikorski, Owen
Starwalt, Ryan
Swanson, Eugen
Wambach, Zypher
TB4 - Moose Lodge
Coach – Bill Standerfer
Baji, Joshua
Brown, Joshua
Cox, Christian
Decker, Harrison
Fuller, Tyson
Hurt, Reed
Johnson, Jamal
Ploskonka, Henry
Sappington, Camden
Shores, Kane
Standerfer, Weston
Walk, Patrick
TB5 - Pilson Auto
Coach – Mike Newhart
Arthur, Kyle
Beurskens, Jameson
Carter, Easton
Cianfaglione, Bodhi
Ferry, Elliott
Harrison III, Stanley
Hutti, Benjamin
Hutti, Jack
Newhart, Huley
Przygoda, Azariah
Thompson, Bentley
TB6 - Lifetime Eyecare
Coach – Derek Hennig
Browning, Jensen
Carter, Cooper
Diepholz, Weston
Emberton, Clark
Hennig, Noah
Lillie, Connor
Maher, Landon
Moore, Alvin
Morgan, Wyatt
Richeson, Nolan
Traub, Myer
TB7 - Days Inn
Coach – Roy Snively
Childress, Parker
Crist, Colt
Gordon, Oliver
Mann, Layne
Metzelaars, Tucker
Nay, Calvin
Parrish, Ezra
Shores, Emerson
Snively, Braxtyn
Stewart, Calvin
Stewart, Henry
TB8 - 1st Federal of Central IL
Coach – Justin Tierney
Anderson, Owen
Cunningham, Max
Davis, Asa
Dunn, Jayce
Mathenia, Rhett
Mckinney, J’mare
Robison, Oliver
Savard, Braxton
Smyser, Laiden
Sowers, Kayleb
Tierney, Clayton
Walls, Kayden


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