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T-Ball Rules: Ages 4-5

The Game

  • Remember the object of the game is to have fun and learn about baseball! Please show good sportsmanship at all times.
  • Home team is listed second on the schedule, and will occupy the 1st base dugout.
  • The game of T-ball has been developed to allow the beginning player to better practice and learn baseball fundamentals. Coaches should strive to make their players better by teaching them proper hitting techniques, and the strategy of running the bases and playing the game of baseball
  • Safety, sportsmanship and fun are the name of this game !!
  • Each team will bat their entire line-up every inning.
  • No stealing is permitted.
  • Coaches should switch defensive players around for exposure to all positions.
  • NO official score book will be kept.
  • Runners cannot leave base until ball is hit. If a runner is put out, they will remain on the base.
  • Games have a 1 hour time limit. This league does not have umpires.
  • There will be no post season tournament for t-ball league.


  • There will be no use of profane language and no behavior which threatens any player or coach. Coaches are responsible for their players’ and fan’s behavior.
  • Any of these can result in suspension or expulsion from league play.
  • Although we have no mandatory slide rule at home plate in this league, coaches should talk to the players about avoiding contact with each other while running the bases and at home plate.


  • Each participant will receive a medallion at the end of the season.

Rainout Hotline 348-8555 (after 3:30 pm)

5/25/2021Tues5:30 PMTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupTB5 – FOP Lodge 207Baker Softball
5/25/2021Tues5:30 PMTB6 – Lifetime EyecareTB3 – VFW Post 1592Morton Park
5/25/2021Tues6:45 PMTB1 – First Neighbor BankTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillBaker Softball
5/25/2021Tues6:45 PMTB2 – Brickhouse GrillTB7 – First Fed of Central ILMorton Park
5/27/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB7 – First Fed of Central ILTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupBaker Softball
5/27/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB5 – FOP Lodge 207TB6 – Lifetime EyecareMorton Park
5/27/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillTB2 – Brickhouse GrillBaker Softball
5/27/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB3 – VFW Post 1592TB1 – First Neighbor BankMorton Park
6/1/2021Tues5:30 PMTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupTB2 – Brickhouse GrillBaker Softball
6/1/2021Tues5:30 PMTB1 – First Neighbor BankTB5 – FOP Lodge 207Morton Park
6/1/2021Tues6:45 PMTB6 – Lifetime EyecareTB7 – First Fed of Central ILBaker Softball
6/1/2021Tues6:45 PMTB3 – VFW Post 1592TB8 – DQ Grill & ChillMorton Park
6/3/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB7 – First Fed of Central ILTB1 – First Neighbor BankBaker Softball
6/3/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB5 – FOP Lodge 207TB3 – VFW Post 1592Morton Park
6/3/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB2 – Brickhouse GrillTB6 – Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/3/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupMorton Park
6/8/2021Tues5:30 PMTB1 – First Neighbor BankTB2 – Brickhouse GrillBaker Softball
6/8/2021Tues5:30 PMTB3 – VFW Post 1592TB7 – First Fed of Central ILMorton Park
6/8/2021Tues6:45 PMTB6 – Lifetime EyecareTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupBaker Softball
6/8/2021Tues6:45 PMTB5 – FOP Lodge 207TB8 – DQ Grill & ChillMorton Park
6/10/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB2 – Brickhouse GrillTB3 – VFW Post 1592Baker Softball
6/10/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillTB6 – Lifetime EyecareMorton Park
6/10/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupTB1 – First Neighbor BankBaker Softball
6/10/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB7 – First Fed of Central ILTB5 – FOP Lodge 207Morton Park
6/15/2021Tues5:30 PMTB3 – VFW Post 1592TB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupBaker Softball
6/15/2021Tues5:30 PMTB5 – FOP Lodge 207TB2 – Brickhouse GrillMorton Park
6/15/2021Tues6:45 PMTB1 – First Neighbor BankTB6 – Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/15/2021Tues6:45 PMTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillTB7 – First Fed of Central ILMorton Park
6/17/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB7 – First Fed of Central ILTB2 – Brickhouse GrillBaker Softball
6/17/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillTB1 – First Neighbor BankMorton Park
6/17/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB3 – VFW Post 1592TB6 – Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/17/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB5 – FOP Lodge 207TB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupMorton Park
6/22/2021Tues5:30 PMTB2 – Brickhouse GrillTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillBaker Softball
6/22/2021Tues5:30 PMTB6 – Lifetime EyecareTB5 – FOP Lodge 207Morton Park
6/22/2021Tues6:45 PMTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupTB7 – First Fed of Central ILBaker Softball
6/22/2021Tues6:45 PMTB1 – First Neighbor BankTB3 – VFW Post 1592Morton Park
6/24/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillTB3 – VFW Post 1592Baker Softball
6/24/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB2 – Brickhouse GrillTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupMorton Park
6/24/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB7 – First Fed of Central ILTB6 – Lifetime EyecareBaker Softball
6/24/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB5 – FOP Lodge 207TB1 – First Neighbor BankMorton Park
6/29/2021Tues5:30 PMTB3 – VFW Post 1592TB5 – FOP Lodge 207Morton Park
6/29/2021Tues5:30 PMTB1 – First Neighbor BankTB7 – First Fed of Central ILBaker Softball
6/29/2021Tues6:45 PMTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillMorton Park
6/29/2021Tues6:45 PMTB6 – Lifetime EyecareTB2 – Brickhouse GrillBaker Softball
7/1/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillTB5 – FOP Lodge 207Panther Field
7/1/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupTB6 – Lifetime EyecareTrojan Field
7/1/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB7 – First Fed of Central ILTB3 – VFW Post 1592Panther Field
7/1/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB2 – Brickhouse GrillTB1 – First Neighbor BankTrojan Field
7/6/2021Tues5:30 PMTB1 – First Neighbor BankTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupPanther Field
7/6/2021Tues5:30 PMTB6 – Lifetime EyecareTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillTrojan Field
7/6/2021Tues6:45 PMTB5 – FOP Lodge 207TB7 – First Fed of Central ILPanther Field
7/6/2021Tues6:45 PMTB3 – VFW Post 1592TB2 – Brickhouse GrillTrojan Field
7/8/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB7 – First Fed of Central ILTB8 – DQ Grill & ChillPanther Field
7/8/2021Thurs5:30 PMTB6 – Lifetime EyecareTB1 – First Neighbor BankTrojan Field
7/8/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB2 – Brickhouse GrillTB5 – FOP Lodge 207Panther Field
7/8/2021Thurs6:45 PMTB4 – Diepholz Auto GroupTB3 – VFW Post 1592Trojan Field

T-ball Photo Schedule 2021

The photographer will schedule photos with each team.

TB1 – First Neighbor Bank
Coach: John Dahlke
1 Crist, Colt
2 Dahlke, Eamonn
3 Good, Waylon
4 May, Lucious
5 McBride, Eoghan
6 Persino, Canton
7 Stateler, Kingston
8 Stearns, Quinn
9 White, Remington
10 Willmoth, Lincoln
TB2 – Brickhouse Grill
Coach: Scott Easterday
1 Bell, Cayden
2 Cantele, Jake
3 Easterday, Gatlin
4 Flick, Dravin
5 Irons, Lincoln
6 Morgan, Wyatt
7 Remlinger, Castle
8 Smith, Zanden
9 Trizzle, Landen
10 Whitt, Zander
TB3 – VFW Post 1592
Coach: Jeffrey Mario
1 Carter, Cooper
2 Cunningham, Max
3 Delude, Asher
4 Ellington, Kyden
5 Leinweber, Weston
6 Maher, Landon
7 Marlo, Rogger
8 Moran, Douglas
9 Richeson, Nolan
10 Walker, Rowdy
TB4 – Diepholz Auto Group
Coach: Garry Gordon
1 Beurskens, Jameson
2 Boyer, Carter
3 Dodge, Noah
4 Edwards, Cole
5 Foote, Jaxson
6 Gilbert, Austin
7 Gordon, Maxx
8 Harrison III, Stanley
9 Martin, Grayson
10 Robison, Henry
TB5 – FOP Lodge #207
Coach: Andrew Shick
1 Craig, Wyatt
2 Finney, Jett
3 Harvey, Beau
4 Karbassioon, Zander
5 Lemons, Dexter
6 McElwee, Ethan
7 Patterson, Finnton
8 Richter, Spencer
9 Shick, Carter
10 Thompson, Bentley
TB6 – Lifetime Eyecare
Coach: Roy Snively
1 Baker, Abel
2 Harris, Lachlan
3 Mann, Layne
4 McKay, Rowen
5 Nay, Calvin
6 Przygoda, Azariah
7 Smyser, Laiden Leevigh
8 Snively, Braxtyn
9 Stone, Kord
10 Traub, Myer
TB7 – First Fed of Central IL
Coach: Aaron Zumbahlen
1 Baji, Joshua
2 Buckler, Hawkins
3 Diepholz, Korbin
4 Grant, Ben
5 Hinds, Kaden
6 Martin, Zen
7 Sappington, Camden
8 Starwalt, Ryan
9 Wambach, Zypher
10 Zumbahlen, Archer
TB8 – DQ Grill & Chill
Coach: Shanna Davis
1 Browning, Jensen
2 Combs, Wyatt
3 Davis, Paxton
4 Dow, Jackson
5 Grant, Mark
6 Lopez, Mateo
7 Lovell, Owen
8 Newhart, Huley
9 Webb, Lincoln A


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