Wooden Bats Only – bats will be provided

Games for players age 13-15 will be played on Lanman Field at the Seaton Complex

Middle School Distances: 54′ Pitching (no metal cleats allowed)  |  80′ bases  |  250′ fences

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Junior League Rules


  1. Game 1 starts promptly at 5:30PM. Game 2 starts promptly at 7:30PM (or 10-minutes after the completion of Game 1 if running late)
  2. Home team will be last on the schedule
  3. An official scorebook will be kept at all times by the Home team who will occupy the first base dugout (a team playing a DH will remain in their Game 1 dugout)
  4. A coach may restrict a player’s game time for repeated unexcused absences from games or practices, or, for more severe disciplinary cases. However, such restrictions must be reported to the Baseball Association prior to the start of the game. Please try to avoid this situation whenever possible.
  5. Players are not allowed to throw the bat at any time. After the first player on a team throws a bat, the player will be warned as will the coach and the bench. The second time any player on that team throws a bat, it will be an automatic out
  6. In the event of the manager’s resignation or termination at any time during the season, the board will appoint a new manager.
  7. NO TRADES: with the exception of conflict between coach and parent, or between coach and player. All moves must be approved by the board.
  8. Pitching distance Junior League: 54”; Bases: 80’ (middle school distances)
  9. A re-draft will occur each new season
  10. Games are 7 innings with the following exceptions: 8-run rule is in effect after 5 ½ innings with the home team ahead, or after 6 innings with the visitors ahead; 10-run rule is in effect after 4 ½ innings with the home team ahead, or after 5 innings with the visitors ahead; 12-run rule in effect after 3 ½ innings with the home team ahead, or after 4 innings with the visitors ahead
  11. A 1-hour 45-minute time limit will be in effect for all league games. No new inning shall begin AFTER the 1-hour 45-minute limit, but a new inning can begin at any point BEFORE the 1-hour 45-minute limit is reached. A new inning begins immediately, when the third out is made in the prior inning. For tied games after 7-innings or the 1-hour 45-minute time limit, the International Tiebreaker (ITB) will be utilized. At the start of each new inning a runner is placed on second base with the intent of accelerating opportunities to score and bringing the game to a speedier conclusion. The runner is the last batter to make an out in the previous inning.
  12. All players must bat and play the field at least 1 full inning in all 7-inning games
  13. Pitch Count Rules in effect
  14. Balks will be called with no warnings given.
  15. Free substitution will be allowed in the field only (Defensive)
  16. If an offensive player is injured, his substitute must come from the bench players who have not been in the batting order. If there are none available, then the opposing coach will select the substitute.
  17. No designated hitter allowed
  18. Extra Hitter (EH) WILL be utilized in the batting order, even if the other team does not have 10 players available. The rule is intended to get more players in the game.
  19. Manager has the option of choosing assistant coaches and scorekeeper.
  20. There is NO required slide rule. The appropriate rule in effect is the CONTACT RULE: If a runner attempting to reach any base (including home plate) intentionally and maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of that base, he will be called out on the play and ejected from the game. The objective of this is to penalize the offensive team for deliberate, unwarranted, unsportsmanlike action by the runner for the obvious purpose of crashing the defensive player, rather than trying to reach a base. Obviously, this is an umpire’s judgment call.
  21. If a player, parent, or coach is ejected from a game they must sit out the next contest played in accordance with IHSA regulations as adopted by the CBA. Ejected players are allowed to sit on the bench. Ejected coaches or parents must leave the premises until the game is over.
  22. Courtesy runner may be used for the catcher only. He must come from the bench; he cannot be in the batting order. Thus, the EH cannot also be the courtesy runner. This means that you must have 11 available players to utilize a courtesy runner for the catcher.
  23. Only 1 manager and 2 assistant coaches and 1 scorekeeper will be allowed in the dugout.
  24. Game 1 teams must be warmed up and have infield practice taken by 5:25 PM. Each team will be given 10 minutes for infield practice; home team has the field first and must be completed by 5:15 PM. Game 2 teams must warm up in the area outside of the diamond and be ready to start play 10 minutes after the first game ends. Game 2 teams will only be allowed infield practice if time permits.
  25. No games will start when a team has less than 6 players; a 10-minute waiting period will be granted for players to arrive. Any team not having the minimum 6 players shall forfeit. If both coaches are in agreement, a practice game may proceed with one team having less than 6 players
  26. If a team starts play with only 6 to 8 players and other players show up late, they may enter the game after notifying the umpire and the scorekeeper. They will be placed at the bottom of the batting order.


  1. 12-year old “swing-option players” are eligible to play in both Major League and Junior League, simultaneously.
  2. Players will be assigned to teams in a manner approved by the board


  1. Basketball shoes, tennis shoes, and rubber cleated shoes are allowed. Metal cleats are permitted, but not by pitchers using the portable mound. A person may not play without shoes, in open-toed shoes, or in street clothes.
  2. All teams MUST wear the sponsor provided uniform shirt and hat. Players should wear baseball pants.


  1. WOODEN BATS ONLY. Bats and balls shall be supplied by the Rec Department, also chest protectors, masks, and shin guards, throat protectors, helmets, and equipment. Players may provide their own equipment.
  2. All catchers must wear shin guards, chest protector, and mask with throat protector, protective cup, and helmet. Any player warming up a pitcher between innings must wear a mask with throat protector, and helmet.
  3. If there is an outfield fence, any ball hit over the fence in fair territory will be considered a home run
  4. A ball hit through or under, or that bounces over the fence will be considered a double
  5. If there is not a fence, ground rules will be discussed prior to the start of the game and will not be questioned after the game starts
  6. The Rec Department will determine if the game is to be postponed. Managers and players should call the rainout hotline (348-8555)
  7. Games interrupted by darkness, rain or suspension before becoming official games, shall follow official baseball rules


  1. Protests must follow official procedure as prescribed in the president’s handbook. All coaches received a copy of the rules. Remember… protest on interpretation of rules only. NO PROTEST on umpire judgment calls. All protests must be filed with the umpire at the time of the occurrence and before another pitch is made. All protests must also be filed in writing to the Rec Department office by 5:00pm, the next business day. Protests will then be decided by the Board.
  2. Protests on player eligibility must be brought to the attention of the Rec Department in writing by 5:00pm, the next business day. Protests will then be decided by the Board.
  3. Only the managers will discuss the protest with the umpires and any available board members. Anyone else may be ejected for interference. This includes fans.


  1. There will be no use of profane language
  2. There will be no behavior which threatens any player, coach, or umpire by unsportsmanlike conduct. (for example: intentionally trying to strike an individual, throwing a bat or helmet, or verbally threatening another player, coach, or umpire)
  3. Any of these actions may result in ejection and/or expulsion from league play
  4. In flagrant cases of unsportsmanlike conduct, an entire team can be held responsible for the actions and conduct of each individual on the team.
  5. The manager is responsible for the conduct of his entire team, including players, coaches, scorekeepers, AND FANS
  6. If the umpire thinks any case is serious enough, he or she will file a written report with the Rec Department, who will then take further action
  7. Any situation that arises not covered by these rules will be decided by the Director of Recreation and the Board


  1. Make sure all dugouts are clean and trash picked up after your game
  2. Help umpires cover the mound and home plate if they request assistance
  3. Home team provides official scorekeeper; visiting team provides scoreboard operator. Return scoreboard controller to homeplate umpire before leaving the field.
  4. Managers need to try to make up rainouts; contact the Rec Department for available dates; contact umpire supervisor Austen Pankey to schedule umpires.

Pitching Rules

Pitching Chart for Juniors

5/16/2022Mon5:30 PMJR4 – US Air ForceJR5 – Elks LodgeLanman Field
5/16/2022Mon7:30 PMJR1 – Wildcatters GrillJR3 – Moose LodgeLanman Field
5/17/2022Tues5:30 PMJR2 – Brickhouse GrillSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesLanman Field
5/17/2022Tues7:30 PMSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesJR3 – Moose LodgeLanman Field
5/19/2022Thurs5:30 PMJR2 – Brickhouse GrillJR4 – US Air ForceLanman Field
5/19/2022Thurs7:30 PMJR5 – Elks LodgeJR1 – Wildcatters GrillLanman Field
5/23/2022Mon5:30 PMJR3 – Moose LodgeJR5 – Elks LodgeLanman Field
5/23/2022Mon7:30 PMJR1 – Wildcatters GrillJR2 – Brickhouse GrillLanman Field
5/24/2022Tues5:30 PMJR5 – Elks LodgeSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesLanman Field
5/24/2022Tues7:30 PMJR4 – US Air ForceSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesLanman Field
5/25/2022Weds5:30 PMJR4 – US Air ForceJR1 – Wildcatters GrillLanman Field
5/25/2022Weds7:30 PMJR2 – Brickhouse GrillJR3 – Moose LodgeLanman Field
5/31/2022Tues5:30 PMSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesJR1 – Wildcatters GrillLanman Field
5/31/2022Tues7:30 PMSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesJR2 – Brickhouse GrillLanman Field
6/1/2022Weds5:30 PMJR5 – Elks LodgeJR4 – US Air ForceLanman Field
6/1/2022Weds7:30 PMJR3 – Moose LodgeJR1 – Wildcatters GrillLanman Field
6/2/2022Thurs5:30 PMJR5 – Elks LodgeJR2 – Brickhouse GrillLanman Field
6/2/2022Thurs7:30 PMJR3 – Moose LodgeJR4 – US Air ForceLanman Field
6/6/2022Mon7:30 PMJR1 – Wildcatters GrillJR5 – Elks LodgeLanman Field
6/7/2022Tues5:30 PMSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesJR4 – US Air ForceLanman Field
6/7/2022Tues7:30 PMJR3 – Moose LodgeSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesLanman Field
6/8/2022Weds5:30 PMJR5 – Elks LodgeJR3 – Moose LodgeLanman Field
6/8/2022Weds7:30 PMJR2 – Brickhouse GrillJR1 – Wildcatters GrillLanman Field
6/9/2022Thurs5:30 PMJR4 – US Air ForceJR2 – Brickhouse GrillLanman Field
6/13/2022Mon5:30 PMJR4 – US Air ForceJR3 – Moose LodgeLanman Field
6/14/2022Tues5:30 PMSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesJR5 – Elks LodgeLanman Field
6/14/2022Tues7:30 PMJR1 – Wildcatters GrillSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesLanman Field
6/15/2022Weds5:30 PMJR1 – Wildcatters GrillJR4 – US Air ForceLanman Field
6/15/2022Weds7:30 PMJR3 – Moose LodgeJR2 – Brickhouse GrillLanman Field
6/16/2022Thurs5:30 PMJR2 – Brickhouse GrillJR5 – Elks LodgeLanman Field
6/21/2022Tues5:30 PMSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesJR2 – Brickhouse GrillLanman Field
6/21/2022Tues7:30 PMJR3 – Moose LodgeSH6 – 1st Federal Insurance ServicesLanman Field
6/22/2022Weds5:30 PMJR4 – US Air ForceJR5 – Elks LodgeLanman Field
6/22/2022Weds7:30 PMJR2 – Brickhouse GrillJR4 – US Air ForceLanman Field
6/23/2022Thurs5:30 PMJR1 – Wildcatters GrillJR3 – Moose LodgeLanman Field
6/23/2022Thurs7:30 PMJR5 – Elks LodgeJR1 – Wildcatters GrillLanman Field
6/27/2022Mon5:30 PMTournament TBDTournament TBDLanman Field
6/27/2022Mon7:30 PMTournament TBDTournament TBDLanman Field
6/28/2022Tues5:30 PMTournament TBDTournament TBDLanman Field
6/28/2022Tues7:30 PMTournament TBDTournament TBDLanman Field
6/29/2022Weds5:30 PMTournament TBDTournament TBDLanman Field

*Below you will find individual team schedules in PDF form that can be downloaded and/or printed:

JR1 – Wildcatters Grill

JR2 – Brickhouse Grill

JR3 – Moose Lodge

JR4 – U.S. Air Force

JR5 – Elks Lodge

SH6 – 1st Federal Insurance Services

Standings for 2022 JUNIOR as of 5/21/2022

Team Name Win Loss GB
JR1 – Wildcatters Grill 1 0
JR4 – US Air Force 1 0
JR3 – Moose Lodge 1 1 .5
SH6 – 1st Federal Insurance Services 1 1 .5
JR5 – Elks Lodge 0 0 .5
JR2 – Brickhouse Grill 0 2 1.5

Game Results for 2022 JUNIOR as of 5/21/2022

(Winners in bold)

Date Visitor Home Winner Score Notes
05/16/2022 JR4 – US Air Force JR5 – Elks Lodge TBD TBD
05/16/2022 JR1 – Wildcatters Grill JR3 – Moose Lodge V 11 – 3
05/17/2022 JR2 – Brickhouse Grill SH6 – 1st Federal Insurance Services H 1 – 8
05/17/2022 SH6 – 1st Federal Insurance Services JR3 – Moose Lodge H 2 – 7
05/19/2022 JR2 – Brickhouse Grill JR4 – US Air Force H 1 – 7
05/19/2022 JR5 – Elks Lodge JR1 – Wildcatters Grill TBD TBD Suspended – 2nd inning JR1 ahead 3-0
JR1 – Wildcatters Grill
Coach: Garth Flygare
Barker, Chase
Boling, Marcellx
Byrum, Josh P.
Flygare, Soren
Lofton, Phoenix
Matheny, Alexander
Pollard, Preston
Schwartz, Drew
Stewart, Josh
Theriault, Joe
Webber, Bryson
JR2 – Brickhouse Grill
Coach: Garry Gordon
Brinkerhoff, Reid
Dare, Koltan
Donley, Kaden
Dudley, Will
Gordon, Wyatt Samuel
Grabiec, Hunter
Kubicek, Ephraim
Lee, Kahle Max Cobble
Scales, Wyatt
Shafer, Landon
Spracklen, Anthony
JR3 – Moose Lodge
Coach: Mike Kessler
Bennett, Owen
Fuller, Brayden
Helton, Ty Shane
Kessler, Ryan
Lock, Lance
Miller, Maddox
Moore, Blake
Pedigo, Deshawn
Story II, Casey
Way, Dylen
Wayne, Aidan
JR4 – U.S. Air Force
Coach: Charlie Foerster
Anderson, Burk
Anderson, Luke
Collins, Brady
Fickes, Jacob
Foerster, Ethan
Gaines Jr, Robert
Glosser, Dallas
Hanner, Braxton
Karrick, Gideon
Parker, Corbin
Reed, Jacob
JR5 – Elks Lodge
Coach: Spencer Swenson
Applegate, Russell
Baji, Isaiah
Boyce, Jace
King, Chase
Myerscough, Tyler
O’Brien, Yeshua
Shaffer, Waylon
Swensen, Kirk
Taggart, Grant
Thompson, Austin
Walters, Rohen
SH6 – 1st Federal Insurance Services
Coach: Travis Ulmer

Juniors Photos

Team Photos are not taken at the Junior League level.


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